What is the Football History Facts.

Football History Facts:

Football is the most famous game in everywhere throughout the world. It is played throughout the country. This game is played all over the countries and football was born in England in 1197. According to FIFA, football is a Chinese game suju developed. This game is developed in Japan. The kemari was being played by name.

History of football in short.
Football History Facts

In the fifteenth century, a game called football was played in Scotland, and after a few years it was closed under the Football Act.

Football was being played at many other places during this period in 1409 AD. In 1489, Prince Henry Chaturth of Britain, for the first time in English. The word football was used in 1526. King of England King Henry VIII ordered that a pair of shoe be made for the first time to play football.

Football was played easily; In the beginning of the 17th century, game spirit was introduced for the first time by creating a round post of wood on both sides. Career from the 20th Century English

Football Association was born of an international level institution.
Together on May 21, 1904 established the Federation International Football Association, before that was Robert Guerin.

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