Biography of Diego Maradona Hand of God.

Biography of Diego Maradona Hand of God

Diego Maradona’s full name is Diego Armando Maradona Franco. Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 in Lanus Oeste, Argentina. They were from a very poor family. He is the fifth of the 8 children of his parents.

Diego Maradona.

When there was no football near the world’s immature football player, he used to play ball made with tin cans, junk papers and useless clothes in childhood.

Maradona Family-

His father’s name is Diego Maradona Senior. and mother’s name is Dalma Salvador Franco. His son’s name is Diego Maradona Junior and Diego Fernando Maradona. Maradona daughters’ name is Dalma Maradona and Gianinna Maradona. Maradon’s wife is Claudia villafane. He divorced in 2004 from Claudia Villafane.

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Maradona Carrier and Achievement-

1- Soccer coach Francis Carnejo recognized his talent and “George Sijtter Sleeper” helped Maradona to become a super star. 

2- He represented his country in Hungary in 1976 only at the age of 16.

3- In the football field, Maradona played on the position of Forward.
4-The 1979 Youth Football World Cup championship got the help of these.
5- In 1980 and 1981, he won the Best Footballer Award by South America.

6- In 1986, Maradona, chosen as the best player, made the country a world champion by showing his unmatched game in every match of the World Cup.

7- Seeing his talent, Pelé had said: “It is very difficult to stop this boy.”

8- They had so much control over their game that it was difficult for the opposition to get the ball.

9- Today Diageo Maradona is considered to be the most expensive player of football. He was offered gold balls on every performance of them.

10- His career lasted 21 years. During this, he played 680 matches and scored 345 goals.

11- He made 50 foul during the 1990 World Cup. It has a record in itself.

12- He has been a part of the 4 FIFA World Cup tournaments. During this time he scored 8 goals.

13- In the 1986 World Cup, he scored two goals in history. His team won 2-1.

14- He used the hand to score the first goal in this match, which could not see the referee. This time  that goal was known as the Maradona Hand of God.

15-He did the second goal in this match from a distance of 60 meters. It got ‘Goal of The Century‘ status.
16- He became the head coach of Argentina’s national football team in November 2008.

17- Argentinos Juniors named their stadium after the name of  Maradona.

18- Maradona published his autobiography “I Am The Diego“.

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