2024 Olympics may also have a Break Dance Competition.

2024 Olympics may also have a Break Dance Competition:

In the 2024 Paris Olympics, break dance can also be included as a game.

Giving this information, the local organizers committee said that our effort is to make these games more popular. However, the final decision in this case is to take the International Olympic Association.

2024 olympics.
2024 Olympics may also have a Break Dance Competition.

Proposals for inclusion of Break-Dance in Paris Olympics have been sent to the Olympic Association
The IOC has to make a final decision on whether to include it as a sport or not

Many new games are being constantly added to make the Olympic event more effective and colorful. Now in 2024, break dance could also be held in the Olympics. The local committee of Paris gave this information.

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The Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 2024.

In the Tokyo Olympic (2020) sports like skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing have already joined.

Tony Astonague, the local committee head of the Paris Olympic Games, informed about the former Olympic gold medal winner.

From the very beginning, it is our endeavor to organize such games which have the effect and have been successful in Surprise. We have sent a proposal to the Olympic Association to include such 4 games in the true sense of the identity of Paris 2024. “

The final decision on the proposal of these 4 sports is to take the International Olympic Association. Break-dancing is quite crazy in some countries of the world and it was included in the 2018 Youth Olympics.

Men in this competition won the gold medal of Russia’s Seregae Cheranesov and women’s Ramu Rai from Japan.

However, the IOC has already said that there can not be more than 10,500 players in the 2024 Paris Olympics including all the competitions. Since limiting the number of players there is doubt about the inclusion of new games.

Local organizers say that to accommodate 4 new sports, there is no need to create permanent facilities and only 248 players will be involved. 32 of them will be of competitive brake dance.

President of International Dance Federation Shaun Te said that it would be a matter of pride for us that any form of dance will be included in the Olympics.

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