Gareth Bale scored a penalty in Real’s victory over Arsenal.

Gareth Bale scored a penalty in Real’s victory over Arsenal:

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Gareth Bale played an important role in winning his team on Arsenal on Tuesday.

After lagging two goals in this friendly match of the International Championships, Real blocked Arsenal at the same time to be 2-2 at the stipulated time.

After this, Real defeated Arsenal 3-2 in the penalty shootout.

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Gareth Bale did not play in the previous match against Bayern Munich, after which Real manager Zinedine Zidane had said that “the agent of Gareth Wells had refused to play in that match.”

 However, then the agent of Gareth Bell was accused of insulting Zidane. Whereby Zidane denied it.

Bell went down to the ground against Arsenal and scored a goal in the 56th minute to get his team back from two goals. Three minutes later, Marco Asansio scored the goal to make Real the same.

Earlier, Alexander Lacajet (10th minute) and Pierre Emmiy Ayubmeyang (24th) scored goals, giving Arsenal a 2-0 lead to halftime.

During this period both teams had to complete the match with 10 players.

The Red Card was shown to Royal Nacho and Arsenal’s Sukratis. In this match, Bell opened the account of his team missed the opportunity to score in the ball shootout.

However, Zidane said that he showed good play and I am happy for him.

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