Michael Phelps Biography,Medals and Interesting Facts about Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps Biography

Michael Phelps was born in Baltimore, United States on 30 June 1985 in Maryland.
Michael Phelps is American swimmer. He has won 18 Gold Medals so far in three Olympics. His name is the record of winning the most medal in the Olympics.
Michael Phelps Biography.

Michael Phelps Childhood:

When two of his sisters started going to learn swimming then they started to go to amateur.
His Sisters also gave them inspiration for swimming but they were afraid to go to the water, especially when it was difficult to put the head in the water, then the coach allowed them to swim in the back. Slowly, Phelps began to swim.

Michael Phelps Olympic Medals-

At the same time 11 year old Phelps got an opportunity to see the Atlanta Olympics in 1966. Seeing the excellent swimming of Tom Malko and Tom Dolan, he got the feeling of becoming a big champion in his mind too.

During this time coach Bob Bowman caught sight of him. He was particularly impressed by his hard work for long legs and victory. They started giving them coaching.

At the age of 15, he was inducted into the American team. And got an opportunity to participate in the Sydney Olympics 2000. But he did not get a single medal here. Taking lessons from this, they got involved in a break-in attempt. 
And the next year 200 meters Butterfly, he made World Record.
Then broke the record that he made, and within two years he made five world records.

From the 2000 Athens Olympics, he was known as the swimmer of swimming. 

Here he jumped six gold and two bronze medals.

Four years after that, he made an unprecedented history in the Beijing Olympics. He won eight gold medals by participating in eight events. In the Olympic history, an Olympic gold medal has not won any player so far.

In the future, its expectation is rarely seen. This record is still recorded in his name. In the 2012 London Olympics, he broke the record of total 18 medals of Russian Genius Larisa Lattnina by winning 4 Gold and 2 Silver.

Michael Phelps Awards:

Many honors and titles were also included in them, including the  
  • Fina Swimmer of the Year Award, 
  • Golden Gogal Award, 
  • Gemman E. Solveni Award, 
  • Athlete of the Year Award, etc.

Michael Phelps Facts:

Very few people know that Michael Phelps’s right arm was fractured 2 years ago from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Doctors refused to let him in the water.

Michael Phelps is America’s swimmer, who has won 22 Olympic medals in swimming.

He got the fame when he broke the world record of winning the 7 gold medal of swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the 1972 Munich Olympics of Mark Spitz, 36 years old. 
And won a new record by winning 8 gold medals in swimming.

Michael Phelps’s right arm was broken (fractured) 2 years ago from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Doctors refused to go him in the water.

The dreams of Michael Phelps were getting shattered. He decided that, “I will go into the water, I will not use the feet to swim”. All his well wishers refused, saying that “Your competition is not from neighboring people but from the swimmers of the whole world . “However, he continued his practice.
Win 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.
1 out of 8 event, 100 meter butterfly stroke won by 1 second, 100th difference.

This race he won because of the last stroke of the leg. His legs were very strong due to his constant practice with legs.

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