Neymar Wants to Return to Barcelona.

Neymar Wants to Return to Barcelona

Barcelona wants Neymar back, Barcelona paid Rs 770 crore to PSG And offered 2 players.
Neymar Wants to Return to Barcelona.

French club Paris St. Germain (PSG) bought Neymar for Rs. 3100 crores.

Spain’s football club Barcelona wants to bring its oldest player Neymar back to his club. For this, Barcelona has offered Swap Deal to the French club Paris St. Germain (PSG).

In this deal, he has two offers in front of PSG. First, giving Rs 770 crores for Neymar, and the other to give any two of their six players to PSG.

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The biggest deal in football history:

If this deal happens, then the biggest swap deal in football history will be. Neymar had talked about leaving the PSG last month. Brazil’s 27-year-old forward Neymar joined Pesji in 2017 This deal was Rs 3100 crores. It was the biggest deal in the history of football. Barcelona, ​​on 13 July, has forwarded a deal worth Rs 930 crore to the World Anchorie Greigman of Forbes France.

According to the French newspapers, PSG had brought Neymar a large amount and included in his club. But Neymar did not give 100% to the club. For a long time, they were out of injury. He did not take part in some matches several times. Although he took permission from the club. PSG wants to sell Nemar for all these reasons.

What is swap deal?

There is a deal between players in modern football. It is given a player in place of the other player. There is also some amount of involve in it. In addition to the players there are both Club Involve.

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