EPL: English Premier League 2019-20.

EPL: English Premier League 2019-20

English clubs spend 12 thousand crores to buy players.This is the second largest expense in the last 16 years.

English Premier league Start date.

The 2019-20 season of the highest prize money European Football League English Premier League has started on Saturday.

The total of 20 teams are participating in the English Premier League. The league will run until 17 May 2020 next year. A total of 380 matches will be played in it. Each team plays two matches. One Home and One Away. Two-time defending champions Manchester City will have their first match against West Ham on Saturday.

A total of 6 matches will be played on Saturday. English Premier League is the highest prize money tournament in football. Its prize money is 21 thousand 380 crores. Teams also receive broadcasting rights, bonuses, facility fees, etc.

This time in the summer transfer window, clubs of England have spent 12 thousand 73 crores to buy players. This is the second largest expenditure in buying players in the last 16 years. In 2017 English clubs spent a record. At that time, the expenditure was 12 thousand 260 crores.

Arsenal club spent 1327 crores in this league:

For the fourth consecutive year, Premier League clubs spent more than $ 120 million. This time Arsenal spent the highest amount of 1327 crores. On the last day of the transfer window on Thursday, the clubs bought 17 players for Rs 1457 crore. The summer transfer window started in May. This time the clubs bought 101 players. 11 of the 20 clubs broke their summer transfer spending record.

Top 10 Most Expensive Players in EPL:

⚽Players⚽                             ⚽Club⚽                                         ⚽Amount⚽

Harry Maguire                               >(Manchester United)                                  > 686 million

Nicholas Pepe                                >(Arsenal)                                                    > 617 million

Rodri                                             > (Manchester City)                                      > 540 million

João Cencelo                                >  (Manchester City)                                     > 514 million

Tanguay Dombelle                       > (Tottenham)                                               > 463 million

Aaron Van Bisaca                         > (Manchester United)                                 > 429 million

Sebastian Heller                            >  (West Ham)                                             > 386 million

Mateo Kovacic                             >  (Chelsea)                                                 >  343 million

Youri Tielemans                     > (Leister)                                                    >  343 million

Joelinton                                      >  (Newcastle)                                              >  343 million

La Liga can become the most expensive league. Spainish League La Liga could become the highest spending league.
The transfer windows of the league other than La Liga will close on 2 September.

La Liga till now Rs 9500 crore Has spent. It has spent 2573 crores less than EPL. But he has 22 days left. Italy’s Serie A has spent Rs 7995 crores, German League Bundesliga has spent 5170 crores and France’s Serie A has spent 3200 crores.

New rules will apply in EPL-

  • If the coach’s behavior is found to be wrong during the match, the coach will also get a yellow card.
  • City coach Guardiola received a yellow card at the Community Shield last week.
  • The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be used for the first time in England’s top league.
  • A team that scores a goal during a free kick cannot place its player in the players making a defensive free kick wall.
  • The rule of handball has also changed. Now if the ball even accidentally touches the hand while scoring a goal, it will also be considered to be breaking the rules.

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