UEFA Champions League: Barcelona won, Inter Milan out

UEFA Champions League: Barcelona won, Inter Milan out

Anshu Fati of Barcelona became the first player to score the youngest goal in the Champions League. At present, he is 17 years and 40 days old. Prior to that, this record was made by Peter Ophori-Quaye of Ghana in 1997. Then he was 17 years and 194 days old. Fati’s goal forced Barcelona out of the tournament after beating Inter Milan 2–1.

UEFA Champions League: Barcelona won, Inter Milan out

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In the match, Barcelona’s Carles Perez scored the first goal in the 23rd minute, while Fati scored the team with a decisive goal in the 86th minute. While Fati was included in the playing eleven in the 85th minute of the match. At the same time, Romelu Lukaku scored the only goal from Inter Milan in the 44th minute.

Barcelona top their Group-F

Barcelona have already qualified for Group-16. He is at the top of his Group-F. Barcelona have won 4 of 6 matches so far, with two draws. While Inter Milan dropped out of the tournament, being number three in the same group.

Fati said after the match, “La Messia (Youth Academy of Barcelona) is the best school in the world for me. I have learned a lot from day one here. I am very lucky to be associated with the people here. “Fati has an agreement with Barcelona for Rs 1,335 crore by 2022. He made his debut for the team in August this year.

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