How to Improve Dribbling Speed in Soccer.

A Good Soccer Dribbling Technique:

The more your feet touch the ball, the more control you have over the movement of the ball.

How to Improve Dribbling Speed in Soccer.

Keep the ball on your feet. When using the ball (using the inside of the ball) bend your knees slightly. Your body should be between the defender and the ball. In addition, it will be easier to change direction quickly.

With “goals” on their feet, defenders will have a hard time stopping it. This is called ball protection.

Use the tip of your foot to guide the ball as you run. . Keep the tip of your foot facing forward as you walk, as this maintains contact between it and the ball, which increases speed and balance.

The control technique does not apply to sudden stops, change of direction, etc. This only applies the moment you drive the ball toward the other team’s goal with maximum speed and control.

Keep the ball under your sight. To improve the control of the ball initially, you should try to keep the ball under your sight as soon as possible

change speed. As he moves along the field in a predictable manner, it will be easier for the defender to beat him.

Use your body to defend the ball. Defend it with your entire body, using a defender’s arms, legs, and shoulders to keep the opponent from getting “to the goal.” It’s not like pushing or footing a defender. Another option is to put the ball on the opponent’s foot.

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Dribbling Skill for beginners

Load the ball onto a field. Establish a large area where you use the tip of the toe to complete ball control that should be a few inches away from your feet, lightly touching the “goal”.

Without losing control. For a better technique of controlling the ball in motion, the foot and front should be slightly lowered so that the front of the boot is just above the middle ankle in contact with the ball. the toe should be under the ball

Place five cones to control the ball and “zigzag” the movement between them with one foot. 

In football it is important to use both foot. 

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