Learn Push Pass in football.

Push Pass in football

Push Pass is very important in football.To pass the football, we can pass from anywhere. From Toe, Hill, from Thigh but it is very important to know the Proper Techniques to pass right. That’s a proportion technique Push Pass.

Push Pass in football

Its basic technique is that it is divide into 3 texts.

  1. Approach 
  2. Pushing the ball 
  3. Follow the ball.
It is basically seen in it that. Which is our nan kicking foot which is for supporting. It happens in the direction where we pass.

Uses of Push Pass in football:

In football games, more push pass is used. The best way to pass is to have the neck sloping. The non-foot has to push football from the other foot.

Keep in mind that the ball should be grounded at all.
The second thing to keep in mind is that while practicing push pass, look behind your back and then push the pass.

So that it keeps focus on how far the opponent is at.
Pass the push by looking at the opponent. Do not stop or pass it. Seeing the back, there is no nervousness by passing a push

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