Luka Modric Biography

Luka Modric Biography

Luka Modrik was born on September 9, 1985 Zadar in Croatia.His Father name is Stipe Modric and Mother name is Radojka Modric. Croatia is a small country in Europe. Croatia came to the world map in 1991.
In 1991, Croatia was separated from Yugoslavia. Croatia was previously part of Yugoslavia. There was an area called Zader in Yugoslavia. Now Zadar is in Croatia.

Luka Modric Biography
Luka Modric Biography

Croatia had to work hard for independence. Millions of people had to give their sacrifice for independence. The country suffered heavy bloodshed, including Luca’s family. Millions of people died Thousands of houses were burnt.

Luka Modric Family-

Luka’s family also suffered violence. Luca’s grandfather was killed by Rebel. Luka’s parents used to work in a factory. That day they went to work. Luca’s grandfather was at home Suddenly the rebel attacked the village. The rebels set fire to all houses. The rebels also set fire to Luca Modric’s house. Even the rebels take out of the house and kill them too. The rebels also killed Luca’s grandfather with bullets. The innocent Luke was not able to understand why all this is happening.

Luka Modric Childhood Story-

After the house was burnt, Luka’s family had to live in a refugee camp.To save their lives, they had to take refuge in the refugee camp. The situation of the camp was also very bad. There was very little food and drink in the camp. There was no clean drinking water in the camp. Despite all the difficulties, people were forced to stay in camps to save their lives. Luka had to stay without electricity and water for many months. In this way his childhood was spent in the shadow of terror.

Violence snatched employment from people. All the factories are closed. Now his parents also had no way of earning. His house was burnt. To build a new house they did not have the money. In search of employment, they had to wander a lot. He changed many refugee camps.

Luca Modric’s Education – 

Luka’s parents took full care of Luka’s education among these difficulties. Luka was admitted to a primary school near the camp. Luka’s family had lived in refugee camp for many years. That round was really tough.

Luka was very fond of playing football since childhood. After some time he found shelter in a hotel. There were also many more refugee families.

At the age of 10, Luca began to play football in the hotel lawn. Many more refugee children used to play with them Luka was very fond of playing football since childhood. He wanted to become a very big footballer. The family members gave them a lot, together. Meanwhile his father joined the army as a Croatia Army Mechanic.

Looking at the son’s hobby, Luka’s father sent Luka to a coach to teach football. But the coach refused to give training to Luca. The coach said that you will not be able to play football. You are very weak and shy. For a football, a guy who is smart and runs behind the ball. Luka was very disappointed to hear this. But he did not give up. 

Luka Modric Achievements-

In 2002, Luca got the chance to go to the ‘Dynamo Jaguar Club’ with the help of a local coach. At that time luka was 17 years old. The trainer took the trial. According to the expectation, performance of Luke was spectacular. He got admission in the club. This year he got an opportunity to play on behalf of the youth team of the city. As time went on, there was tremendous fame in his game.

Luka Modric Awards-

luka modric played against Argentina for the first time in international cricket in March 2006.

Luka Modric received the title of ‘Player of the Year‘ in 2007.

luka modric associated with the ‘Spanish club Real Madrid’ in 2012

He played club football in England for four years.

At this time luka is the captain of Croatia’s football team.

Recently the Croatian team reached the finals of the FIFA World Cup and made the record. Earlier, Croatia was not able to do so before. He got the title of Best Player in this tournament.

Croatia reached the finals of the FIFA Football World Cup 2018 and astounded all the people.

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