Aadhar card is not Mandatory for Bank Account and Sim Cards.

Aadhar card is not Mandatory for Bank Account and Sim Cards

The Base Amendment Bill 2019 (The Aadhar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill) has passed.
Union Minister for Communications & Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad presented the Bill and other Amendment Bill, 2019 and rejecting the objections of one member of the opposition, said that the laws have been complied with.

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The bill has also been kept in mind to safeguard the citizens’ privacy and prevent abuse.
In the KYC form of banks and mobile companies, the Aadhar card will be optional.

It will be ensured that due to non-availability of any Aadhar card, there is no denial of government schemes.

 Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that out of 130 crore people of the country 123 crore people have accepted the Aadhar card.

Due to direct transfer through Aadhaar, the country has benefited 90 thousand crore rupees.

The Union Minister said that this bill has been passed according to the order of the Supreme Court.

Let’s Know About This Law-

(1) In the Information released by the Government, it has been stated that on the basis of this decision, the regulator will now help UIDAI to take decisions in the interest of the people and to prevent the misuse of Aadhar Card.

(2) No person can be compelled to prove his identity through Aadhar card.

(3) Under the law made by Parliament, in certain cases it will be necessary to present Aadhar card for identification.

(4) An account card will not be required to open a bank account and it will not be mandatory to provide aadhar card for mobile SIM. Instead of the real base number of twelve digits, you will also be able to prove your identity with a virtual identity.

 (5) Children also have the right to cancel their Aadhar number after 18 years.

(6) Central and state government can only make Aadhar card necessary to prove identity only where there are security concerns set by the authority.

(7) Civil penalty up to Rs 1 crore can be imposed on violation of the provisions of the Aadhar Act.

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