U.S Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup 2019 Final.

U.S.A Women’s Soccer Team Wins World Cup 2019 Final

America has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup title for the second time in a row. USA defeated Netherlands’s team by 2-0 in the final match played on Sunday. First goal player of the match from the winning team, Megan Rapuno hit the penalty shot. After that, Ital Rose Laverley made sure to win the team by scoring a second goal. USA has won the title four times in eight volumes.

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USA also achieved the achievement of being the first team to make it to the final three times. USA team coach ‘Jill Alice‘ also became the first coach who won two consecutive World Cup titles in 1930 after Italy’s coach Vittorio Pozzo.

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The first half was rounded off. In the second half, American players sharpened the attack. Its advantage came in Meghna in the 61st minute which gave the team an edge over the penalty. Eight minutes later, ‘Rose Laverley’ won the team with a 2-0 win.

Earlier, the US had won the World Cup in 1991, 1999 and 2015. There was no goal in the first half of this match, but the US captured the trophy in the second half with only two goals in 8 minutes.

America team captain Megan Rapuno scored 61 and Rose Laverley scored in the 69th minute. Germany became the second team after Germany (2003-2007) to win this title for the second consecutive time. American captain Megan Rapino is the first player to play 3 consecutive World Cup finals.

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