Super 30 Movie Review- Story of Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar.

Super 30 Movie Review

Super 30 Movie is directed by Vikas Bahal. ‘Super 30‘ has released on 12 July.
This story is Anand Kumar’s founder, ‘Super 30‘, a coaching institute of Super 30. Anand Kumar’s father, who was associated with Patna in Bihar, worked as a clerk in the postal department.

super 30 movie.

Because of the poor condition of the house, his studies took place in Hindi medium school where there was an attachment to mathematics.

Here he himself invented the new formulas of Maths and did not know how many students he had sent this formula to engineering institutions.

Now, when Anand’s story comes on the screen, it shows on the screen with the days of Anand Kumar’s struggle, till the ‘Ramanujam Award’ and ‘Abdul Kalam Azad Education Award’.

Director Vikas Bahal has unveiled the Super 30 film in a very beautiful style. Hrithik Roshan‘s simple acting has appreciated his lip. She has settled perfectly in Anand Kumar’s character.

At the beginning of the film, Hrithik’s look definitely shines. Because he has neither seen this kind of look nor has he used such a language in any film.

If the story goes forward, then the audience, who is called the Greek God, will accept Rithi in the style of Bihari. As his girlfriend, Mrinal Thakur has recorded his presence even after having a low scene.

Pankaj Tripathi, as a corrupt education minister, has done a lot of fun and, in fact, his character has been heavy on others. The film also got fine in terms of music.

There are many dialogues in the movie which make it interesting and make the story stronger.

First half of the story runs a lot of balance, but in second half it becomes slightly melodramatic.

Because of this, something goes longer. Vikal Bahal has made the poor children’s journey to become an IIT brilliant. Overall it can be said that the film is good which can be seen at a time.

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