What is Super 30? Super 30 Movie.

What is Super 30?

Super 30 is a very special and unique coaching institute located in
Patna, the capital of Bihar state. I.I.T, which is the largest
engineering institute of the Government of India, offers free education
in Super 30 to prepare for admission in it.

super 30
Super 30

Those who are involved in the field of education, they know how difficult the entrance exam of IIT is. It is very difficult to get it passed.

Super 30 has made its unique identity all over the world. In March 2009, Discovery Channel broadcast a 1 hour documentary film. It has also become a documentary film by National Geographic Channel and has also seen the whole world.

American News “The New York Times” had just written an article about super 30 on halfway page. Apart from this, when former Miss Japan and actress Norika Fujiwara came to Patna. So he made a short film on a super 30. Super 30 was also included in the BBC program.

Who Started Super 30

The Super 30 Institute was started in 2003. The name of the person who started this institute is Mr. Anand Kumar. Anand Kumar also runs a separate education institute. His institute’s name is Ramanuj School of Mathematics.

All children of Super 30 are given free education. As well as their living and dining facilities are also offered free of charge. The income which comes from Ramanuj School of Mathematics. Super 30 is run from the same money.

Mr. Anand Kumar started this institute to prepare poor children for IIT. The reason for this is that many children who are not able to read in the absence of money and lose their talents, they can make them able by learning free of cost.

Today, Mr. Anand Kumar’s hard work hails the whole world. They are also known as Super 30 Man and Super Teacher. Due to their availability, S. Ramanuj Award 2010, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Education Award has been awarded from November 2010.

Why is it Named Super 30?

The answer is that in this year only 30 children are selected for free education. 30 children who are very good in studies. And those who have the potential to get the entrance examination of IIT can take out.

Super 30 is very special for this matter, because it chooses only 30 children from the entire country every year. Then they are given free education for a year. And every year there is a 100% result, i.e. almost 30 out of 30 students pass the IIT entrance exam.

There are many children, children who are very interested in studies. Those who are very quick to read but can not study in the absence of money. To make such children successful, Super 30 provides very free education to the children by working very hard.

Super 30 Admission Eligibility

Students who are from poor families And because of poverty, they can not study but super boys choose their children from among the boys. Whether or not the student is eligible for Admission qualification in Super 30, it is taken for taking an exam.

Every year in the month of May and June super 30 admission done. It is asked questions based on class 11th syllabus. In which physics chemistry and math are asked questions Children are selected based on the results of the examination.

What is I.I.T and what is the significance of it?

Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology is India’s largest engineering institute. Where engineering education is given. Where a student interested in studying every engineering wants to study.
Whether you score 100% marks in any of the world exams, you still have to pass the IIT exam. To get admission in it, it is mandatory to pass 12th pass in Science with 60% marks. Without it, you can not sit in the IIT entrance exam.
After getting out of IIT, after reading, I get a job in the best company. Recently, an IIT ian received the largest package of 93 lakh years, which also freshers, because the fresher is impossible to get so much salaries. It is possible that only the students of the IIT can do this.

Super 30 movie

Mr. Anand Kumar’s name was registered in 2009 in the Limca Book of World Record. The most important thing about this is that soon a film is going to be released on Super 30, in which Mr Anand Kumar’s character is starring superstar Hrithik Roshan. This film is being shot right now and will be released on 12 July. All people are very impatient waiting for this movie.

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