Football gained sky high because of these football players.

Football gained sky high because of these football players.

The passion of football around the world speaks to the heads of the people. Its old players have played an important role in making this game of football popular worldwide. We are telling you about some such strong players of football, who have given the sky the height of football.

Pele’s brilliant talent gave football a new look:

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When Pele stepped into the football world, the game received a new look. The Brazilian team emerged from the knock of this wonderful talent. In 1958, when Brazil became champion for the first time, this great star had an important role in it. Pelé scored a hat-trick in the semi-finals and then scored 2 goals in the final. He did not play the 1962 World Cup due to injury.

Even in 1966, the opposing teams attacked him heavily and wounded him. Despite that, Brazil once again became champions in 1970. Pelé scored his 1000th goal in 1969, when he was playing his 909th first-class match. Brazil, under Pelé’s leadership, achieved many notable successes in football. He played 1363 matches in his life and scored 1281 goals. Known as the ‘Black Diamond’, Pelé is considered to be the most loved player in the world.

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Diego Maradona is remembered by the name of ‘Hand of God’:

When football is mentioned in the world, Diego Maradona’s name is definitely taken. He will always be remembered as the ‘Hand of God’. In his long career of 21 years and 680 matches, he scored 354 goals. Maradona, who was part of the 4th FIFA World Cup tournament, has scored 8 goals in this football league.

Maradona scored two goals against England in the 1986 World Cup, leading the team to a 2–1 victory and this victory was recorded in the pages of history. In the same match, the first goal Maradona did was used in the hand, which the referee did not see. 

The same incident was called ‘Hand of God’. To score the second goal, Maradona scored a goal by punching five players at a distance of 60 meters, calling it ‘Goal of the Century’. Maradona committed 50 fouls during the 1990 World Cup, which is also a ‘world record’. Despite the controversy over ‘Hand of Goal’, Maradona kept responding to critics in his style.

Eusebio Mozambique, popularly known as ‘Black Panther’:

In the history of football, we can also not forget the legendary footballer of Portugal and Eusebio Mozambique, who scored the most goals in the World Cup 1966, known as ‘Black Panther’ among his fans. When Pelé did not play in the 1966 World Cup, this same great player took Portugal to the semi-finals of the World Cup on his own. Portugal were trailing by 3 goals in the quarter-finals against North Korea, but Portugal returned to the match by scoring 4 goals in the last 30 minutes. He scored nine goals in that tournament.

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Eusebio Mozambique was from a poor family, but he was full of talent. Born in Mozambique, the footballer recently died of a heart attack at the age of 71. Eusebio was voted the best European footballer of the year in 1965. He is counted as one of the greatest footballers of all time and Portugal’s best player. During his career, Benfica won the European Cup in 1962. He played a total of 745 professional matches and scored 733 goals. Eusebio was ranked among the 10 greatest footballers of the last century. Eusebio’s full name was Eusebio da Silva.

Paolo Rossi is remembered in world football history:

Paolo Rossi is a former Italian professional footballer. There have been many goals scored in World Cup history, among them Paolo Rossi has been a goal scorer who has given many memorable moments to the World Cup with his performance. 

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The 1982 World Cup in Spain also marked a momentous moment when Paolo Rossi emerged from the Betting scandal as the greatest hero in Italian football. Rossi was caught in the fixing scandal. Due to this case, he was also banned in 1980. However, later, under the captaincy of Buzzrot, he had a chance to return to the Italian World Cup squad once again and Rossi shrugged off the critics by doing well.

He led Italy to the 1982 FIFA World Cup, scoring six goals to win the Golden Boot as the top goal scorer and the Golden Ball in the tournament. Rossi is regarded as one of the greatest Italian footballers of 2004. In 2004 Rossi was named by Pelé as one of the top 125 greatest living footballers as part of FIFA’s 100th anniversary celebrations. Rossi played 251 matches in his career and scored 103 goals.

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