Sergio Ramos Biography, Childhood Career, Family, Achievement, Awards And Hobbies.

Sergio Ramos Biography:

I am talking about Sergio Ramos, one of the best defenders in the history of football. From fans to critics, he is known as ‘The Gladiator’. At the end of Carlos Puyol’s career, Ramos took command of Spain’s defense at a time when Spanish fans were lacking future leadership and a full-fledged defender. Similarly, he also got the captaincy of Real. This defender has been proving his mettle and achieving success everywhere, be it the national team or club football. And how much do we know about Sergio Ramos, who has achieved so much in football?

Sergio Ramos Biography

Ramos was born on March 30, 1966 in the city of Camas, the capital of the southern Spanish state of Andalusia. His father’s name was Jose Maria Ramos and his mother’s name was Paqui Ramos. From an early age, Ramos grew up with a brother and a sister. Being a child of a middle-class family, Ramos did not face much deprivation.

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Bullfighting has deep roots in the history of the city of Seville. Ramos has grown up watching this historic game from a young age. Like other parents in town, his parents wanted the boy to become a professional bullfighter. Ramos also took some training as he wished. However, he did not have to stay long in the training of bull fighting. Later, with the help of his older brother Ren, Ramos became interested in football. At that time Renu had also convinced her parents.

Sergio Ramos Football Career:

When Ramos gave up bullfighting and started playing football, Ramos was supported by everyone in the family. After learning football for some time in the company of his older brother, he was admitted to the academy of city club ‘FC Camas’ for full football practice. Ramos spread a lot of light there from the very beginning. He also won several matches in the age group. By doing so he soon began to attract media attention.

At the age of 14, Ramos was called to play for the local club Sevilla. The team has been working for a long time to produce a young footballer. That’s why Ramos also chose Sevilla to improve his career. It didn’t take long for Ramos to rise to fame at the academy. Due to his rapid improvement, he was called to the Sevilla team at the age of 18.

Impressed by the performance of Sevilla young Ramos, two rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona rushed to pick him up in the squad.

In March 2005, Real Madrid and Sevilla signed a deal worth 28 million. Ramos made his debut for Real in the 2005–06 season. He scored his first goal for Real in December 2005. However, Real lost that match in the group stage of the Champions League. However, the fans were quite impressed with his performance that day.

Ramos’ first four seasons were not good for Real Madrid. Not only that, but the team was also going through a tough time.

Real Madrid have been in danger several times due to Ramos’s aggressive behavior. He saw four red cards in the first season. After seeing 5 more red cards in the next three years, Real executives were restless. Although then it was decided to sell them, but the President did not agree to implement it. Ramos has so far maintained his aggressive demeanor and is dealt hundreds of cards.

As per the latest estimates, Ramos has seen a total of 264 cards in his career. Of these, he scored 161 in La Liga, 36 in the Champions League and 20 for Spain. Out of so many cards, he has seen a red card only 25 times. The card reveals that he has surpassed all history records, largely because of his violent behavior.

The 2013–14 season was a very memorable season for Real Madrid and Ramos. Real qualified for the Champions League final with Ronaldo’s ‘welfare’ service under Carlo Ancelotti. And Ramos’ contribution to the final match of service is well known. He gifted Real the tenth Champions League after 12 years with a last-minute goal. Ramos ended the season scoring goals in all competitions that season.

Ramos took over as Real captain after Cassius left the following season. Since then a new chapter in the career of Captain Ramos at Real Madrid began.

The season following Zidane’s arrival at Real was the best season of Ramos’ career. Real Madrid won almost all titles except the Copa del Rey, and Ramos was in personal best form throughout the season. He also scored 10 goals in defence.

There is no other defender in the world who has achieved and never had such success in professional football as Ramos.

Sergio Ramos International Career

Before making his debut for the Spanish national team, Ramos played a few matches for the under-17, under-19 and under-21 teams. After winning the Under-19 European Championship in 2004, he was included in the Spanish national team the following year. He made his international debut on 26 March 2005 against China. With that debut, Ramos became the youngest player to wear the Spanish jersey, breaking the 55-year-old record.

Since his debut, Ramos has played in four World Cups in Spain. Although he participated as one of the team members in 2008, 2010 and 2014, he led Spain to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Ramos also played as a writeback for Spain’s 2010 World Cup winning team. Apart from the World Cup, the legendary defender has also participated in 3 European Championships so far.

Gladiator Ramos holds the record for the second most matches played for Spain.

Not only in the number of matches, but also in the statistics of goals, this legend has had unimaginable success. Ramos has scored 20 goals in 175 matches for Spain. Despite being a defender, Ramos has scored several goals and records for the national team and has been ranked in the FIFA XI of the Year nine times so far. No defender has been named in the FIFA World XI before this.

Sergio Ramos Achievements and Award:

Real have won a total of 20 titles so far, including 4 league titles, 4 Champions Leagues and 4 FIFA Club World Cups. Not only this, Ramos has so far scored 74 goals for Real in 608 matches. No one has scored so many goals as a defender.

Sergio ramos achievements

No one is close to Ramos in terms of personal achievement. In addition to leading three consecutive Champions League winning teams, he has been named in the UEFA XI of the Year a total of six times, the most ever in football history. He has proved himself beyond his ability by scoring so many goals. Because of this he has been chosen as the ‘La Liga’ best defender of the year for a total of 5 times.

Sergio Ramos Personal life and Family:

In 90 Minutes Football, Ramos is not as violent as he appears in his personal life. In 2012, he first met his current wife, Pilar Rubio. The couple has tied the knot. However, since the beginning of the relationship, their house has been illuminated by 3 sons. At the time of marriage Ramos was 33 years old, but Pilar Rubio was 41 years old.

Sergio Ramos Hobbies:

He likes to play guitar in his spare time. Sergio Ramos is a big fan of football as well as bullfighting. He is also associated with several bullfighting franchises. But in his spare time he likes to play guitar. Several videos of him playing the guitar can be found on YouTube. Also, according to the latest estimates, his annual income is €60 million. And most of that money comes from football games. However, Ramos has some privately owned businesses.

Despite earning so much money, Ramos donated some of his money to various charities. He also runs an agency himself. Ramos has served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in several remote locations at various times. Player Ramos may be hated by many for his aggressive behavior, but there is no way to deny his merit. Similarly, ‘The Gladiator’ Ramos has always put himself at the forefront of the legendary footballers with the quality of a good person in his personal life.

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