Child Labour Essay for Students in 100, 300, 400, 500 and 2000 Words.

 Child Labour Essay 

“Work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to their physical and mental development.” It is called child labour.
In order to earn money from a young child, work is done in hotels, industrial businesses, dhabas, tea shops, etc., which comes under the category of child labour. There are many such children in the world who are feeding their families by earning some money in their harsh conditions.
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Child labor in India is a common issue that the country has been dealing with for years. While writing an essay on child labour, it is important to familiarize yourself with the topic and its related aspects so that you can understand it better. Even after so many years of independence of our country, child labor remains a stigma for our country. 
Big people and mafia have made child labor a business. Because of which child labor is increasing day by day in our country and the childhood of children is getting spoiled. Due to this, the future of the children is spoiled, along with it, poverty spreads in the country and there are obstacles in the development of the country.Children trapped in the vicious cycle of child labor are seen working in restaurants, homes, factories, construction etc. In India, you must have seen small children selling pens, candy, flowers on the streets and at traffic lights. Due to financial issues in their families, they are forced to take up jobs at an early age and step into the harsh realities of the world.
Lack of educational opportunities, inequality, traditional and cultural expectations and steady demographic changes are major contributors to child labor in India. According to the 2011 census, there are 10.1 million working children between the ages of 5-14. Several interrelated factors contribute to the persistence of this social evil in the country. Skyrocketing prices of basic amenities, high unemployment and poverty levels are the root causes forcing children to earn for their families.
What are the causes of child labor? Does this distress arise from the need to earn bread for one’s family or is it beyond just this factor? Let us first find out the major causes of child labour:

1. High unemployment and poverty level due to which poor families send children to work.
2 . Inadequate laws and regulations against child labour.
3. Violation of existing labor laws on child labour.
4. Access to compulsory education in rural areas is still limited.
5. An increasing number of school dropouts from poor communities and areas.


Essay on child labour in 300 words 



Child labor is work done by children who are hired by their employers in
any field. It is a coercive behavior which is done by the parents or
owners. Childhood is the birthright of all children which everyone
should get under the love and care of parents. This illegal act forces
children to live like adults. Due to this many essential things are
lacking in the life of children like- proper physical growth and
development, inappropriate development of mind, socially and
intellectually unhealthy etc. Child labor is a crime against humanity,
which is becoming a curse for the society and which is a big issue as an
obstacle in the growth and development of the country.
As the population of the country is increasing, child labor is also
increasing, if it is not stopped soon, then it will be the biggest
epidemic to come for our country. Our Government of India has made many
laws to eliminate child labor but due to non-compliance of them, even
today children are doing child labor in roadside dhabas, hotels etc. but
no one pays attention to them.
Childhood is the best and golden time for any person, but when the burden of responsibilities is put on young hands in childhood, then along with childhood, his whole life gets spoiled. Because their parents or guardians make children do hard work for a few rupees, due to which the child is not able to read and write and he is not able to do any job, so he has to work as a laborer for the rest of his life. Whole life is spent in poverty. 
Child labor is a cheap alternative. They may be forced to work longer hours with less wages. The owners sometimes supplied them with little food and money in exchange for long hours of labor. Due to lack of family care, these children are prone to such abuse. 
Child labor is a cheap alternative. They may be forced to work longer hours with less wages. The owners sometimes supplied them with little food and money in exchange for long hours of labor. Due to lack of family care, these children are prone to such abuse.
Child labor is the biggest stigma on our society and our country, even though the people of India are educated today, but when they see a child doing labor, they do not help him, let alone help, they report it to the police or other government agencies

 Essay on child labour in 400 Words



Children are protected as the most important asset for their country, whereas due to the misunderstanding and poverty of their parents, instead of becoming the power of the country, the children are becoming the reason for the weakness of the country. Despite running a lot of awareness campaigns by the welfare society and the government for the welfare of the children, most of the children below the poverty line are forced to do child labor daily.

For any nation, children are like the powerful fragrance of new flowers, while some people illegally push these children into the well of child labor for little money and also spoil the future of the country. These people play with the morality of children and innocent people. It is the responsibility of every citizen of the country to save children from child labour. This is a social problem which has been going on for a long time and needs to be uprooted.

After the independence of the country, many rules and regulations were made to root it out but none proved to be effective. This is directly destroying the innocence of children in a mental, physical, social and intellectual way. Children are a lovely creation of nature but it is not at all right that due to some bad circumstances they have to work so hard without reaching the right age.

Child labor is extremely common in many developing countries due to extreme poverty and poor schooling opportunities. The high rate of child labor is still more than 50 percent in which children between the ages of 5 and 14 are working in developing countries. The rate of child labor is highest in the agriculture sector which is mostly seen in rural and informal urban economy where most of the children are mainly engaged in agricultural work by their parents instead of playing with their friends and sending them to school.

The issue of child labor has now become international as it has become a major hindrance in the development and growth of the country. Healthy children are a bright future and power for any country, so child labor is harming, spoiling and ruining the future of the country along with the child.

Child labor is a global problem that is extremely common in developing countries. Parents or people below the poverty line are unable to bear the expenses of their children’s education and are also unable to earn the necessary money for living. For this reason, instead of sending their children to school, they involve them in hard labor. They believe that sending children to school is a waste of time and earning money at an early age is good for the family. There is an urgent need to make the poor as well as the rich aware of the ill effects of child labour. They should be made available all kinds of resources which they lack. The rich should help the poor so that their children can get all the necessary things in their childhood. To eradicate it from the root, the government should make strict rules and regulations.


Essay on child labour in 500 Words:


Child labor is a very important topic for our country and society, today the time has come that we have to understand our moral responsibilities along with talking about this topic. Uprooting child labor from the root has become a challenge for our country today because the parents of the children have started getting the children to work in their childhood. It has become a common thing in our country to see a child doing hard work.
 Regular work of children from the age of 5 to 14 years since their childhood is called child labour. Children in developing countries are forced to work hard all day against their will for very little money to survive. He wants to go to school, play with his friends and get the love and care of his parents like other rich kids but unfortunately he has to stifle all his desires.

Child labor is becoming a big social issue in India which should be resolved on a regular basis. This is not only the responsibility of the government, but it should also be addressed by all social organizations, owners, and parents. This is an issue for everyone that needs to be resolved individually, as it can happen to anyone’s child.

In developing countries, rates of child labor are high due to poor schooling opportunities, low awareness of education, and poverty. Most of the children in the age group of 5 to 14 years are found involved in agriculture by their parents in rural areas. Poverty and lack of schools are the main reasons for child labor in all developing countries around the world.

Childhood is considered to be the happiest and most important experience in everyone’s life because childhood is very important and friendly time to learn. Children have every right from their parents to get special care, love and upbringing, go to school, play with friends and enjoy other happy moments. Child labor is spoiling the lives of so many precious children every day. This is a big level illegal act for which there should be punishment but due to ineffective rules and regulations it goes on around us.

Nothing better is happening to root out this evil from the society. Babies are too young, cute and innocent to realize what is happening to them at such a young age. He is unable to understand what is wrong and illegal for him, instead his children are happy to get small earnings for their works. Unknowingly, they start taking interest in their daily small earnings and run their whole life and future with this.


Reasons for child labor-

1. Poverty:

The biggest reason for child labor is poverty in our country, people from poor families are unable to run their livelihood, so they send their children for child labor.

Poverty affects a significant portion of India’s population. In rural areas of villages, life is much more complicated. Weak economic condition and low standard of living encourage child labor. Both boys and girls are forced to work beyond their capacity to meet their basic food and living needs. It’s safe to say they’re out of options.

2. Lack of Education:

In rural areas, parents are less educated due to lack of educational resources. As a result, they tend to underestimate the relevance of school and schooling in their children’s lives. It becomes difficult to organize three meals a day due to which the children have to walk a difficult path.

Due to lack of education, parents think that the sooner their children learn to earn, the better it will be for them.
An important reason for child labor is also that the parents of some children are not well-educated. They do not know how important it is for children to be educated. They do not understand the importance of education because they themselves do not know how important education is for children. He just understands the importance of money. Because that’s what feeds their stomach.

3. Child Trafficking:

Another factor contributing to child trafficking. Children who are trafficked have no one to call home. They are sent to an unknown location. Finally, these unfortunate children are forced into highly tortuous and dangerous occupations like gambling, domestic help, drug transportation, etc.

4. Gender Discrimination:

At an early age, girls are often forbidden from attending school. Girls can assist with both fieldwork and household chores. For boys, the story is no different. Boys have to leave school to work in factories and farms. And they have to help their father to earn a living for their family.

5. Orphanage of children:

There is another reason for the increase in child labor because lakhs of children are orphaned in our country, then some mafia people send those children to beg and do wages by threatening them.

6. Laws made on child labor:

One of the reasons for increasing child labor is that the law on child labor is not followed.

Child Labour Solutions:

(1) Formulation of Stringent Laws:

In order to uproot child labor, strict laws will have to be made and they will also have to be strictly followed.

(2) Educating the people:

If we want to end child labor, then we have to educate people, as well as arrange free education for the education of children.

(3) Everyone should be aware:

We all have to be aware because as long as we keep ignoring child labor even after seeing it, this work of child labor will continue to flourish like this. We all together have to change the thinking of the people because most of the people think only about money, they do not care about the childhood of the children and the development of the country.

(4) Complaint has to be made:

We have to complain against the people who get child labor done, only then the mafias who get child labor done can be tightened.

(5) Telling children their rights also:

Children also have to be told their rights because reading and writing is their birthright.

(6) Removal of Poverty:

 We have to remove poverty from our country because poverty is the root cause of child labor.

 Conclusion –

Based on the 2011 census, the total population of children in the age
group (5-14) in India is 259.6 million, out of which they are working
either as ‘main workers’ or as ‘marginal workers’. To extricate children
from these harsh conditions, the Government of India has enacted
various laws including ban on employment of children below 14 years of
age in any factory or mine.

Child labor is a serious problem for our country, if no cognizance is taken on it soon, it will make the whole country hollow like a termite. Children are the future of our country, if their childhood is spent in darkness and child labour, then how can we imagine a strong India.
If we have to build a new India, then child labor has to be uprooted, this is possible only with the cooperation of us and the government.

Essay on Child Labour in 2000 Words

Preface –

Child labour is the most dreadful days of a child’s childhood. It is the misfortune of our country that even today, like a spider’s web, child labor is trapping small children in its web and we all are sitting with folded hands.

Child labour is such a poison in a day that is sold for a few rupees, this poison slowly destroys the childhood of the child, along with it the newly building future of the country also ends.

In our India, children are considered as gods, but their childhood is taken away from them and the responsibilities of the family are handed over to them. All children want to play with toys and get education in their childhood, but what to do sir, somewhere greedy and somewhere the responsibilities of the family come to the fore.

What is child labour? 

According to the 24th article of the Constitution of India, 1950, making children below the age of 14 years work as wages, in factories, hotels, dhabas, domestic servants, etc. comes under child labor. There is a provision for appropriate punishment.

But if we look outside the world of books, we get to see children doing child labor in every shop at every turn. The reality is that people do not care about the law, that is why child labor is increasing day by day.

According to the latest report of 2017, more than 35 million children in India do child labor, maximum child labor is in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan.


Reasons for child labour:

(1) Lack of education – 

The main reason for child labor is the lack of education, because until people are not educated, they will continue to believe that nothing is more important than money, that is why they keep their children from childhood. Only they put in the work of wages.

(2) Poverty – 

Poverty is a big problem for our country, due to which many problems arise, child labor is also a problem due to poverty, because people from poor families are not able to feed their families properly. get, so they throw their children also in labor work

(3) Orphan children – 

Even today many people in our country either leave their children or their parents die, due to which they also become orphans and they come in contact with such people. By luring them with food, they make them work in factories, hotels, dhabas throughout the day and keep their earnings for themselves.

(4) Greedy people – 

In today’s 21st century India, some parents and guardians are so greedy for money that they make their children work as laborers for money.

(5) Family compulsions –

 Sometimes children also have family compulsions because some such accidents happen due to which there is no one to earn in their family, so they are forced to work in hotels, dhabas, tea stalls, factories in their childhood itself. I have to go to work.

(6) Population growth – 

The population growth rate in India is increasing very fast, due to which the price of essential commodities is increasing day by day, due to which poor people are not able to maintain their family, so they are unable to feed all their family members. Members are allowed to do wages in which children are also involved, so children have to work hard even against their will.

(7) Corruption – 

Corruption is also a reason for child labor, that is why their owners keep children on wages without any fear at big hotels, dhabas and factories, they know that even if caught, we will be freed by giving bribe. That is why corruption plays an important role in child labour.

(8) Unemployment – 

Unemployment is a big problem in India due to which many poor people are not able to fulfill even the living needs of their family, they forcefully put their children in labor work, they think that even if a little If money comes in the house, then they will be able to eat on time.

(9) Absence of proper rules and laws – 

Government of India has made laws to stop child labor but there are many loopholes in those laws, taking advantage of this, people do child labor and sometimes even follow the law properly. is not done.

Side effects of child labor:

(1) Childhood wasted – 

The best moment of life is childhood when we are child we don’t worry about anything we play with toys and everyone loves us also we can study whatever we want Are
But the children who are engaged in the work of child labor can never play and can not do their desired work. Due to which his entire childhood is spent in working in Mussoorie.

(2) Malnutrition – 

Child laborers often become victims of malnutrition because their owners make them work more but do not give them anything to eat, due to which there is a lack of energy in their body and gradually- Slowly they become victims of malnutrition.

 (3) Physical abuse –

Many boys and girls are also physically abused while doing child labor, which is a double whammy on them, according to a report, about 40% of children doing child labor are physically abused, this is very It is a serious matter but it is never taken care of, some children also die during physical abuse.

(4) Mental Harassment – 

Children often make mistakes while doing wages, mistakes happen even with older people, but it is easy to scold children, so their employers, who make them work, give them mental harassment.
They are called using various abusive language which has a bad effect on the mind of a small child. Because of this, they become very big and on growing up, they indulge in wrong deeds.

(5) Increase in poverty – 

In childhood, the parents of the children put their children on wages for a few rupees, but they do not know that if they do not read or write, then they will not be able to get a job and they will not be able to work for the whole life. They will have to do wages, due to which their whole life will be spent in poverty, that is why it is increasing day by day in India.

(6) Lack of economic development of the country – 

Most of the children of poor families are not able to read and write, that is why they are not able to do a good job and can not cooperate in the development of the country, therefore the economic development of the country also slows down.

(7) Lack of social development –

 Where children are made to work, the people there use indecent language, as well as their living conditions are not good, due to which the children also learn their language and their language due to being with them. They start living like people and their mental condition also becomes weak due to which a good society does not develop.

Child labor prevention measures –

(1) Awareness –

 If child labor is to be stopped, then we have to make people aware because until this awareness does not come among the people, children should not be made to work and whatever children are working. Complaint should be made against their owners, people do not even know that the Chotu, Motu whom they are lovingly calling. He is actually a victim of child labor. That’s why until people are not aware, such children will continue to work as laborers.

(2) Proper education system –

 The education system of our country is not improved even today, due to which the children of rural areas and isolated areas are not able to read and write even today, due to which they become victims of child labor in their childhood, so we need proper Education system will have to be made available at all places and free education will have to be arranged for young children.

(3) Proper law and order – 

Due to the lack of good law and order in our country, people take advantage of it and do acts like child labor. We have to strengthen our law and order, only then we will be able to deal with the terrible problems like child labor.

(4) Curb on corruption –

 Due to corruption, the criminals who do child labor are easily released or they are not arrested at all, due to which small children have to do wages, so we should curb corruption.

(5) Need of good and generous persons –

 There are many good persons in our society but we need more good persons who can bear full cost of education of at least one poor child because until we are responsible for our society Till then nothing can happen because the government alone cannot do everything, so we should go ahead and help the poor children in their education.

Actions taken by the government to stop child labour –

(1) The Child Labor (Prohibition and regulation) Act 1986: To eliminate child labor from the root, the Child Labor Act has been enacted by our government in 1986, under which getting a child below 14 years of age to work will be considered a punishable offense. .

(2) The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act of 2000: Under this law, if a person makes children work or forces them to do so, then there is no punishment, action will be taken against him.

(3) The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory education Act, 2009: This law was made in the year 2009, under which free education will be provided to children in the age group of 6 to 14 years, as well as poor and disabled children in private schools. 25% seats will be reserved for

Conclusion –

Child labor has become a curse for our country India and our society, if it is not abolished soon, then it will hinder the progress of our country, as well as the children who should laugh, play and study in their childhood, we need them more. I will meet working hard, which will spoil the future of our country.

That’s why we should raise our voice against child labor today itself and wherever we find any child doing child labor, we should complain to the nearest police station.



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