Top 12 Most Amazing Football Skill Tricks.

Top12 Most Amazing Football Skill Tricks.

football tricks.
1.) When you get the ball, fast pass it. This encourages you to clear the ball and make a brisk counter attack.

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2.) Always look at the ball when you’re defending  This way, you will be the opponent’s tricks.

3.) Never shoot the ball around the center  Always shoot the ball towards the wings.

4.) Be
safe as a wing back-The attackers will push down the wings.  At that
time, you’re the person who will decide your team’s destiny.

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5.) Remember to try to predict where the player will hit or dribble the ball next-
You need to be very clever

6.) A defender needs to run.  If you have more  Every second counts  Improve your running skills  It works.

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7.) If your teammates need help but do not call you, use your common sense and put a tackle in hard.  Take good tackles for granted  Do more of them.  Make sure you stay with your mark.

8.) Envision the ball’s movement and get there before your opponent.  Even a slight touch, if the ball is moving at high speed, can cause the player to lose control or the player to slow down, earning your team valuable time.

9.) If you know you will not be able to take an attacker, stay in between the ball and goal.  This will take away his shot and force.

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10.) Be safe if you play at wing back  The attacking team will try to push down the wings.  Ask for assistance from center backs if you must

11.) When your team has a corner and you are staying back, keep a couple of yards between you and the opponent’s striker.  If you are right behind them, they can easily turn on you and they’ll be right on goal.  It is easy to put in a tackle when you turn it on.

12.) Be aware of where the attackers are from the other team and be alert

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